6 Mayıs 2013 Pazartesi

Mail Kampanyası

Önümüzdeki 10 gün Şike davasının uluslararası boyutu açısından hayati önem taşımaktadır.

Sizden ricamız aşağıdaki metni gönderebildiğiniz kadar sıklıkta aşağıdaki adreslere göndermeniz.

Bu gelişme ya bu Cuma ya da ondan sonraki Cuma gerçekleşecek onun için acele etmemiz şart.

Yurt dışında yaşayan ve imkanı olanların bildiği yabancı dillerde UEFA'yı arayıp kararın neden verilmediğini sormasını rica ediyorum.

Mailin Konu Kısmına : UEFA must give its verdict on Turkish Match Fixing Case yazın.

Gönderilecek ve cc olarak eklenecek adresler de aşağıda belirtilmiştir.

F.A.O. UEFA Discipline Committee Members
Mr. Michel Platini
Mr. Gianni Infantino

Despite millions of complaint letters, phone calls, faxes regarding the Turkish Match Fixing Scandal since the 3rf of July 2011, UEFA took no action up to this date.

To this date Pierre Cornu filed you a report regarding the match fixing case, Turkish court given its verdict and sentenced several people into imprisonment for fixing several games during the 2010-2011 season in Turkey.

Mr. Platini and Mr. Infantino warned Turkish authorities several times to act quickly during the process and not to wait for the court’s verdict but UEFA itself has not given its verdict yet.

Mr. Infantino and Mr. Platini told Turkish Prime Minister and other authorities during the UEFA Congress in Istanbul that the individuals can not be separated from their clubs and even gave examples of UEFA’s past actions taken on such matters.

They both also warned Turkish Football Federation not to change the discipline codes during the progress of the case, but Turkish Footbal Federation not only changed the Discipline Code 58, but also invented a solution to save match fixers : ‘ NOT REFLECTED ON TO THE PITCH’.

The Professional Football Discipline Committee banned two vice president of Fenerbahce FC, board members of Fenerbahce FC and players they committed the crime with, but did not penalise Fenerbahce FC, the club that won the championship by help of these fixed games, for that season.

The biggest match fixing scandal ever was all over the media around the world since the very first day, but UEFA is yet to make a decision and take an action against this crime despite UEFA’s very own statement below :
On Friday 22 June 2012, the UEFA Control and Disciplinary Body issued a decision saying; ‘’For the time being, therefore, Fenerbahçe may participate in the UEFA competition for which they are eligible, pending a final decision of the UEFA disciplinary body on the matter.’’

There are rumours in Turkey and Europe that UEFA was bribed not to take an action against Fenerbahce FC, and Yapi Kredi Bank sponsoring the UEFA was a part of this bribery, which is owned by Fenerbahce FC’s ex vice president.
We have sent letter, faxes and match fixing reports to UEFA, FIFA, EU Parliament, Sport Ministers of Europe, All Media Associations, filed a report to Fifa’s Match Fixing Hot Line and Finally hannded in a detailed match fixinf report to Mr. Jerome Valcke in person during his visit to Istanbul.

Some of the newspapers covered the story were, The Times, The Washington Post, Die Zeit, Sueddeutsche, Tages Woche and thousands of web sites, local papers and media organisations covered the story too.

Turkish fans seeking justice organised protest in front of UEFA’s headquarters, FIFA’s headquarters and have been ptotesting UEFA and TFF all around Europe and

Therefore, We demand Justive and request you to take responsibility and act as you are obliged to, because you are head of football and you have to act like it.

Finally we are asking all of you ; ‘Where is ZERO TOLERANCE?’

Best regards,

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